Prepping your kids for O level English

Having your child score an A for O level English is no easy feat.

After all, English is a tough subject to master and scoring well in this subject will mean your child has to practice a lot.

Perfecting essay writing or mastering comprehension can be difficult — especially when English is not spoken in your household. O level English tuition Singapore would almost be necessary if such is the case.

Not to worry though — we have listed down some tips and tricks you can use to get your child ready for the subject:

1. Take up English classes

With so many enrichment courses available, there is no reason why your child should be left out of the learning process. Enrolling them in a class will allow your child to learn the basics of English and build a solid foundation — which is beyond crucial. (the earlier the better!)

If you can afford it, hiring a private tutor for your child may also be a good idea as he or she will have more time to practice under his guidance. In addition, this method allows custom tailoring to your child’s weaker areas.

However, this may not be effective if the child is close to his examinations. Getting supplementary education early is paramount, especially for languages. Secondary school students and junior college students might be heavily disadvantaged if they do not start English tuition classes early.

2. Engage in High-Level English conversations

While it is easy for us adults to forget our past struggles with foreign languages, kids will never forget their “dark days” in school because the subjects are taught by their teachers.

If you typically speak a different language at home — make an effort to converse in English to strengthen your child’s communication skills. This would often reflect on his/her writing abilities.

Even if you are not confident with your own English, having your child educate you about the language can also be a great learning experience for him/her!

3. Media Immersion

One way to expose your child to English is through the engagement of English media (TV, radio and newspapers). This can be a fun activity for both you and your kid as it opens up possibilities for discussion.

Please note that this may not always work if the kids are watching shows with content unsuitable for their age group. Especially when the language used is relatively simple.

Songs are especially great when your child is young. It helps them learn words faster due to their catchy tunes.

4. Good ole’ practice papers

Have your child put down his/her iPhone and pick up some O level English practice papers.

This method is an easy way for them to gauge their progress as they can assess themselves on how well they have done with tackling the past exam papers.

We would also recommend that you guide your child in doing homework at this stage, especially if he/she is still young. This gives him/her a chance to prepare for the subject without any additional stress that results from having no idea what to do!

5. Take part in school-organized competitions

Once your child begins schooling, one major benefit he/ she gets from it is exposure to English through various competitions held by schools. This MAY help your child find passion in the language, which would lead him/her to also find friends who are cognisant of English.

6. Make it fun

The key is for your child to enjoy studying English, especially when it’s not their favourite subject!

We would recommend that you make it a point to talk about what they learn at school, even if it means embellishing some facts every now and then. Engaging in deep conversations definitely helps!

Closing thoughts

There are many ways to help your child get ahead of the O level English game.

It is important that you find strategies that suit him/her best, as each individual learner will have different needs.

Teaching methods, therefore, differ greatly for most students — certain students ace languages without tuition lessons (though we find that every student is great in his/her own way) sometimes! That is not to say that English tuition classes won’t lead to good English grades.

Hence, to aid you in this endeavour, we have provided our contact information below for more personalized advice on how you can prepare your kid for O levels! Our O level English tuition Singapore has helped many struggling throughout our years of service — even then, contacting us may provide value for you as a Parent as well!

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