Introducing our exciting (e)Referral Programme

Your opportunity to earn incentives when you refer your friends to Edufront


FAQ of (e)Referral

What is (e)Referral?

It is a loyalty program where both parents and students get to enjoy incentives from Edufront when a friend sign up using their referral code

How can my friend get their incentives if they use my referral code?

Your friend can enjoy their incentives when they sign up for Edufront weekly programme 

Is the $50 voucher a cash voucher?

It is not cash redeemable. The $50 voucher is a voucher in which you can redeem and offset your child’s monthly fee or for new sign up; to offset your first invoice. 

Can I exchange the voucher with cash instead?

No. You cannot exchange the voucher with cash. Redemption of voucher is strictly within Edufront only.

If my friend sign up her child with Edufront using my referral code, what will we get?

As a Referrer, you will get a $50 voucher to offset your next monthly fee, and 50pcs of (e)Tickets for your child.
As a Referee, you will get a $50 voucher to offset your first invoice and 50pcs of (e)Tickets for your child. 

Refer your friend and join us now for more benefits!