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At Edufront Learning Centre, your child’s success isn’t just our mission—it’s our passion.

We pride ourselves on being not just educators, but avid education researchers. Every programme we offer, every lesson we teach, is rooted in cutting-edge, research-backed strategies. Our commitment goes beyond traditional teaching; we employ advanced methodologies designed to empower your child with smarter learning techniques.

Join us on this transformative journey, where we turn potentials into achievements, one student at a time.

Our Result-Oriented Programmes

Programmes that consistently produce Singapore’s top scoring students.

2024 English

English Mastery Programme

Designed to ignite your child’s passion for the English language – our Primary English curriculum focuses on the mastery of key language skills.

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2024 Science

Science Mastery Programme

Accelerate your child’s mastery of science concepts, process skills, and answering techniques in our Primary Science Weekly Mastery classes.

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2024 maths

Maths Mastery Programme

Discover how our C-P-A-H system can develop mathematical mastery for your child in our weekly classes by building connections.

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PSLE Mastery Programme

Our programme helps your child to achieve the best results in PSLE. We have a consistent track record of creating Top Performers.

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Nurture by Edufront specialises in pre-school programmes to equip our young learners with the confidence and a strong foundation.

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Secondary Mastery Programme

We nurture critical thinkers and problem solvers to give your child the confidence to succeed in secondary school and their dreams.

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2024 Malay

Malay Mastery Programme

Pusat Bahasa Nusa, a brand of Edufront Learning Centre, specialises in providing quality Malay language programmes from K2 to Secondary levels.

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Chinese Mastery Programme

爱读坊 (Ai-Du-Fang), a division of Edufront Learning Centre, specialises in providing Chinese tuition and enrichment programme.

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The Edufront Advantage

Why do parents and students trust Edufront?

Proven track record

Each year, we have students accepted into top schools such as RI, RGS and VJC. Many will make remarkable improvement by 2 to 3 grades.

Trained, qualified tutors

Caring and professional team of educators led by our founding Principals to maximise the academic potential of your child.

Free Trial (no obligations)

We would like to invite your child for a Free Trial class to any of our programmes to experience the Edufront difference.

small group classes

1:12 tutor-student ratio to give your child the added attention to boost their confidence or to fully stretch their learning.

OUr curriculum

In-house team of curriculum specialists to spot changing exam trends and ensure that our teaching resources are constantly the latest.


Choice of physical or online lessons supported by our innovative mobile-enabled LMS

Parent Testimonials

Nur Faridah

Edufront has no shortage of skilled and committed tutors who aim to help and guide their students in their academic journey. Tutors here are not only qualified, they are friendly and approachable as well should students have any queries.

Zuraidah Hamzah

Most of the tutors are NIE/MOE trained. Tutors are caring and interact well with their students. Excellent materials provided and classes are from Preschool up to Secondary levels.

June Juniadin

Edufront is a great centre for tuition learning. The tutors are all well-trained with either NIE or graduate background. Materials are prepared in-house and is up to date with current syllabus.

Free Trial Programme

Unlock your child’s academic prowess with our no-obligation, risk-free trial. It gives your little learner a sneak peek into our innovative classes, granting you the chance to observe their remarkable progress before committing to our comprehensive curriculum.

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Awards and Accolades

SME500 Award
Singapores Finest Award

Best Business 2024

Awarded by Three Best Rated® since 2022, based on an inspection system that studies a tuition centre’s service quality, reputation, history and overall excellence.

Singapore SME 500

Recognised by the Association of Trade and Commerce (Singapore) for being among the top 500 SMEs in Singapore.

Singapore’s Finest Services

We are honoured to be featured in Finest Services as “The Finest Tuition Centre”.

Our Weekly Classes

Edufront Provides flexibility for all students

Physical Classes

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Weekly face-to-face classes with our tutors at our physical centres and supported by an LMS with recorded lessons, quizzes, forums and soft-copies of learning resources to extend your child’s learning 24/7.

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Online Classes

online classes

Weekly Live-Online classes for students with our tutors via Zoom supported by our award-winning LMS at the comforts of your home and save travelling time.

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Connect With Edufront

Libraries of resources, exclusively for our students and parents
learning management system
Edufront’s Very Own

Learning Management System (LMS)

All students will have 24/7 access to recorded lessons, learning materials, test papers and quizzes (which are marked instantly), forum discussions with tutors for daily homework assistance and many more.

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Tips and strategies for effective studying, inspiring stories, learning process, testimonials from students and parents.

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Student Achievements

Top scoring students, delighted parents


Our Top Performers In The 2023 PSLE

Latest Articles

Valuable reads for parents and students alike

Frequently Asked Questions

About our mastery programmes and classes

How often should my child attend tuition classes?

The frequency depends on the child’s needs. Some students attend tuition once a week, while others might benefit from multiple sessions per week, especially during exam preparation.

How long is each tuition class session?

Our class typically lasts for up to 2 hours.

Are all Edufront's tutors qualified to teach?

Our tutors are experienced educators with qualifications and training from NIE/MOE in science education or related fields. Many have years of teaching experience in Singapore’s primary education system.

Are there any trial classes available?

Yes, we offer trial classes for students and parents to experience our teaching methodology and meet our tutors before making a commitment.

Can Edufront guarantee better exam results?

While we can significantly help in reinforcing academic concepts and improving exam techniques, a guaranteed improvement also depends on the student’s effort, the rapport with the tutor, and various other factors.

How to get the most out of the class?

Engage with the tutor regularly, provide a conducive learning environment for your child, ensure your child completes any given homework or assignments, and encourage open communication about academic challenges.

How much are Edufront's tuition classes?

Our classes depend on the subject, the level and of course the tutor. But you can expect to pay about SGD150 – SGD300 per month, per subject.

How can I assess if the tuition is effective?

Monitor your child’s academic progress, check for improved confidence in the subject, solicit feedback from your child about the tutor’s teaching methods, and communicate with us for regular updates.

Do you provide additional study materials?

Yes, students will receive our in-house study materials, customized worksheets, notes, and practice papers. We also provide hands-on materials for certain activities.

Are there online classes available?

Yes, Edufront offers online lessons. With our Live@Online classes, you child will be able to attend our classes from the comfort of your own home. This can be a convenient option for students who have scheduling constraints.

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