Primary Maths Tuition

(PSLE Maths Mastery Programme in Singapore)

Accelerate your child’s proficiency in complex mathematical concepts and applications in our maths tuition centre. Our NIE/MOE-trained qualified math tutors use our innovative C-P-A-H methodology to instill a passion for the mathematics subject, allowing our students to grasp concepts with ease.

Being one of the best primary math tuition centres in Singapore, Edufront Tuition Centre in Singapore teaches students in key mathematical concepts and critical thinking skills.

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Master Maths with C-P-A-H System

The C-P-A-H system develops mathematical proficiency for students in our tuition classes by building connections concrete, pictorial, abstract, heuristics concepts and practice papers.

Concrete components include the use of objects that pupils can touch, feel and manipulate during the lesson.

Pictorial representations include drawings, diagrams, charts or graphics that pupils can draw, read or interpret.

Abstract refers to symbolic representations (like numbers or letters) that pupils can use to showcase their understanding of a concept.

Heuristics refer to various strategies that pupils can use to solve both routine and non-routine maths problems.

Our Approach to Teaching Primary School Maths

  • Identifying and closing learning gaps for every student
  • Using objects to teach concepts in a visible, concrete way
  • Leveraging heuristics to show children how to solve challenging maths problems
  • Individualising teaching methods and materials to cater to students of different proficiency levels
  • Providing 24/7 access to learning resources, on any device
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Your Maths Tuition Adventure Begins Here

With Edufront’s Math tuition classes, we want to make every single class a learning adventure. At our Math tuition centre for primary school students we believe that learning Math should always be a meaningful and enjoyable process, and never by rote learning.

For this reason, our teaching formula is crafted based on qualitative research in teaching, active learning strategies and C-P-A-H system. This teaching method is practiced highly for our Math tuition classes by our tuition teacher, motivating students to participate actively and making us one of the best Mathematics tuition centres in Singapore. This approach to learning empowers every single student in the class and creates a positive attitude in them towards learning. By helping your child to develop a passion for Mathematics, and the learning experience will become a lot more enjoyable, and see significant improvement in results.

To further ensure that Singaporean students at our Math tuition classes are given the edge to excel in school exams, our curriculum systematically covers all the components in school exams. Our Math tutors are mostly NIE/MOE-trained and have the best knowledge on all tips and tricks of the subject, all based on the latest MOE syllabus. As one of the best tuition centres in Singapore, with a maths tutor to student ratio of 1:10 our comprehensive mastery programmes for our tuition class has helped our students to gain significant improvements in their grades with more personalized attention.

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Based on the latest MOE syllabus, ready for PSLE Maths

Our curriculum is developed based on the latest MOE syllabus, and Edufront tuition centre covers everything that’s tested at the PSLE level

With the latest syllabus change, this has left many schools, teachers and primary and secondary tuition centres in Singapore struggling to adjust to what the new syllabus is all about.

With the amount of tuition in Singapore out there today, there are many math tutor still teach students the old syllabus and using TEACHING MATERIALS that are no longer relevant in Singapore. This means that no matter how much you have spent for Tuition on your child for, he or she won’t do well not because of a lack of ability… but rather, because the materials and teaching methods provided were not up to date.

Not only are these outdated methods not helping your child or weaker students – they are actually limiting your child’s Mathematics potential. The truth is, your child needs to experience the latest MOE teaching methods and materials in order to improve properly.

Since the start of Edufront, our maths tutors and tuition classes aim to help many primary school students obtain twice the average distinction rate for the mathematics subject with our tested-and-proven methods – and now, your child can experience these unique methods too!

7 reasons to choose Edufront

Personalised Attention

Our 1:10 tutor-to-student ratio ensures every student gets the attention they deserve.

Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are mostly NIE/MOE-trained, and are current or former teachers/subject specialist tutors.

Tutoring that’s tailored to your child’s needs

Our tutors tailor their teaching approach, catering to each student’s unique learning style and subject proficiency.

Comprehensive In-House Materials

Access high-quality reference materials, worksheets and assessments – developed by our qualified curriculum specialists.

Physical, live streaming and on-demand classes

Enjoy the flexibility of attending classes in-person, over live streams, or accessing recorded classes via our innovative LMS portal.

Conveniently located near you

Attend classes at a learning centre near you. We are located at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Tampines.

LiveOnline@ Edufront

Accelerate your child’s preparation for PSLE, O-Level and N-Level examinations with our LiveOnline@Edufront programme – developed and fine-tuned with feedback from parents and students.

2022 Primary Maths Mastery Programmes

P1 Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

P2 Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

P3 Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

P4 Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

P5 Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

PSLE Maths Mastery

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

1 class a week

PSLE Maths Mastery + Mathematics Booster

  • Physical Classes
  • Live-Online Classes

2 classes a week

PSLE Maths Mastery Foundation

  • Live-Online Classes only

1 class a week


Testimonials from Delighted Parents


Edufront Students’ Achievements

A in PSLE Maths
A* in PSLE Maths
Celine Wee Xin Ru
Edufront inspiring student award
Science Mastery Programme
SOPHIA (on the left)
2018 PLSE AGG. 265
Maths and Science Mastery Programme
Heng Tian Lee
 Science Mastery Programme 
Phoebe Yap
 PSLE Science Mastery Programme 
Top Improvement Award
English, Maths & Science Mastery Programme 
Neo Jiayu
Top improvement Science
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Yeo Yu Xi and Farisha
Edufront Inspiring Student Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Kelly Ng
Edufront Inspiring Student Award
Maths Mastery Programme 

And Many More…


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Workshop for Parents

Gain access to our vault of parents-focused workshops, filled with strategies, guides and tutorials on how you can help your child excel at maths.

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