PSLE Maths Mastery Programme

At Edufront tuition center, we believe that mastering PSLE mathematics is more than just crunching numbers. We pride ourselves on the innovative C-P-A-H methodology, a unique approach designed to help your child grasp challenging mathematical concepts and relate them to real-life situations. Our program doesn’t just build mathematical proficiency; it ignites a passion for the subject. The result? Your child won’t just understand math; they’ll love it and soar to unprecedented heights!

Our seasoned maths tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and patience to each session. They’re committed to working hand-in-hand with your child, bolstering their confidence and honing their skills every step of the way. Leveraging a variety of teaching methods, our tutors make even the most complex mathematical concepts accessible. Plus, with an abundance of practice problems, we ensure that knowledge turns into second nature.

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What Is The C-P-A-H System?

The C-P-A-H system develops your child’s mathematical proficiency by building connections between Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract and the Heuristics. 

Concrete components include the use of objects that pupils can touch, feel and manipulate during the lesson.

Pictoral representations include drawings, diagrams, charts or graphics that pupils can draw, read or interpret.

Abstract refers to symbolic representations (like numbers or letters) that pupils can use to showcase their understanding of a concept.

Heuristic refer to various strategies that pupils can use to solve both routine and non-routine maths problems.

Our Approaches to Teaching Primary School Maths

  • Identifying and closing learning gaps for every student
  • Using objects to teach concepts in a visible, concrete way
  • Leveraging heuristics to show children how to solve challenging maths problems
  • Individualising teaching methods and materials to cater to students of different proficiency levels
  • Providing 24/7 access to learning resources, on any device
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Have You Noticed Your Child’s Mathematics Performance Not Progressing As Expected?

Despite the seeming simplicity of Mathematics at primary school level, numerous children struggle to keep up in class.

Common issues include misunderstanding or incorrectly applying mathematical models and failing to grasp basic concepts taught in school. This often leaves parents feeling helpless about supporting their child.

The rapid pace of classroom teaching can exacerbate these challenges. The teacher may move onto a new topic before your child fully understands the current one.

What Causes Some Children to Dislike Mathematics and Eventually Underperform?

Over time, mathematical problems become increasingly complex and challenging. This escalating difficulty may cause your child to develop a dislike for Mathematics.

Without proper attention to their foundational skills now, this issue could magnify and negatively affect their academic performance in the future. An often-overlooked fact by many parents is that Mathematics forms the foundation for various other subjects, such as physics and chemistry, especially at the secondary school level. A weak foundation in Mathematics can impact these subjects as well.

Supporting Your Child As A Parent

It’s understood that the student-to-teacher ratio in many schools can be high, resulting in divided attention that might not align with your child’s learning pace.

Considering a Maths tuition center for your child could help bridge this gap. Not only will your child be able to keep up with the curriculum, but they may also learn new techniques to solve challenging Mathematics problems—techniques that may not be introduced by their regular school teachers.

7 Reasons to Choose Edufront

Small Group Class Size

Small group size of 1:12 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged.

Caring and Qualified Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors.

Teaching Approach

We tailor our teaching method and materials to suit different students achievement levels.

Learning Materials

Comprehensive learning packages developed in-house and regularly reviewed by our team.

Choices of Classes

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of attending classes in-person, online or accessing recorded classes.

Convenient Locations

We are located at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Tampines.

LiveOnline@ Edufront

Save travelling time and learn from the comforts of your home with our weekly online classes. 

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Latest Maths Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about primary maths tuition.

Why should I consider primary maths tuition for my child?

Our maths tuition programme uses the C-P-A-H system that can help your child build a strong foundation in maths. It can help them to develop their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and confidence in handling challenging mathematical concepts.

How much does primary maths tuition cost in Singapore?

The cost of primary maths tuition in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the centre, the tutor’s qualifications, and the duration and frequency of the lessons. On average, you can expect to pay between SGD 25 to SGD 60 per hour.

How often should my child attend maths tuition classes?

The frequency of the classes depends on your child’s needs and goals. We offer weekly classes, with each session lasting between 1 to 2 hours. You can also consider more frequent sessions if your child requires additional support or is preparing for an important examination.

Are there online maths tuition lessons available?

Yes, there are online primary maths tuition options available. With our Live@Online classes, you child will be able to attend our classes from the comfort of your own home. This can be a convenient option for students who have scheduling constraints

What is the Singapore Math syllabus?

The Singapore Math syllabus is a unique approach to teaching mathematics, developed by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. It emphasizes problem-solving through visualization and the use of model-drawing techniques, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

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