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Discover why we have one of the most effective and highly sought-after Primary Science Tuition Programme in Singapore using our 3-Pronged Strategy to help students score in PSLE Science

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Mr. Yang Iskandar
Principal Of Edufront Learning Centre

Former HOD of Maris Stella High Primary School
Award Winning Educator MSc (NUS Research Scholar),
BBA (Hons) and PGDE (Primary Specialisation – NIE/NTU)

Dear Parents, Is Your Child Facing The Following?

  • Underperforming in Science?
  • Struggling to score in the open-ended questions?
  • Putting in a lot of efforts and time in Science but yet to show any improvement in marks
  • Lack of curiosity and interest in Science

Your child is not alone. Many students struggle to excel in Primary Science, especially in the open-ended questions due to the wrong focus and learning strategies. However, I have seen many students score in primary and PSLE Science or make amazing improvements with the right support, guidance and learning strategies.

My name is Yang Iskandar, Principal Tutor of Edufront Learning Centre. Prior to founding Edufront Learning Centre with my wife, I was an MOE teacher and Head of Department (ICT) at Maris Stella High (Primary) School. I specialise in teaching Maths and Science at the Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels.

I have helped thousands of students, of various ability levels, prepare for the PSLE. I have also mentored my students for award-winning Science project competitions at the National level. Being a Head of Department and an education researcher, I have shared teaching best-practices with fellow educators at the National level and at International education conferences.

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Challenges In The Primary Science Curriculum

Based on my over 12 years of experience setting Science exam papers, being involved in PSLE marking exercises and preparing numerous graduating classes for PSLE, I can fully appreciate the concerns that you may have in helping your child score in primary science. Many parents have approached me saying that while they can coach their children in the other subjects, they feel quite helpless when is comes to Science.

Common key CONCERNS of parents

  • Ambiguity between acceptable and non-acceptable answers in the Open-Ended section
  • Not able to find good quality science resources for their children
  • Not able to coach their children in the higher-order questions such as Application or Experimental-type questions
  • Not able to find the right tutor or tuition centre which has in-depth expertise with the PSLE curriculum and standards

Student’s Main Areas of WEAKNESSES

  • Not able to link and apply the relevant concepts to scenario given in the question
  • Not able to fully develop the answers in the “EXPLAIN” questions in the Open-Ended section
  • Not able to quickly recall key concepts under stressful exam conditions
  • Failure to identify key words and important clues in long and higher-order question
  • Not able to accurately analyse the information given (e.g. data table, graphs, experimental-setups)
  • Over-studying concepts out of the PSLE syllabus while leaving out the examinable skills and concepts
  • Mismanagement of time allocation between the MCQ and Open-ended questions

Our Strategy

In the past, a student could do very well in Science just by memorising all the science concepts. However, in the current syllabus, success in Primary School Science is more than just acquiring and understanding the scientific concepts, memorising guidebooks or completing countless assessment books.

The key to success in primary science is having a strong understanding of the Concepts in every topic and the mastery of Process Skills and Answering Techniques.

Unfortunately, these process skills are often not taught in a structured and systematic manner in schools. As many of these process skills involved higher-order thinking skills, the teaching has to be carefully planned, structured and regularly emphasised across the various topics.

Our Approach

Having analysed the latest MOE Primary Science syllabus and latest trends in the PSLE science questions, I have developed a 3-pronged strategy in our Primary Science Tuition Mastery classes to help students SCORE in PSLE Science. In our Primary Science Mastery™ Programme, students would be taught strategies on how to apply concepts and process skills to challenging problems in primary science and to answer Open-Ended questions in Section B with confidence and precision.

What our students will get in our Primary Science Tuition Mastery Programme™:

  • Comprehensive and attractive science notes on the key concepts in every topic based on the latest MOE science syllabus and learning outcomes

  • Proprietary templates with guiding questions based on the Heuristics approach to developed the scientific thinking process in solving challenging questions such as Experimental-type questions or the Application questions

  • Comprehensive topical worksheets, developed in-house, focusing on the application of process skills and answering techniques

  • Highly qualified NIE-trained and Science specialist tutors (tutors qualifications and experience available upon request)

  • Small group with maximum of 1 to 10 tutor-student ratio (or 2 tutors to 20 students in Mr Yang’s class)

  • Differentiated teaching to cater to students with differently achievement levels

  • Free 1 Trial lesson (subject to availability of spaces)

Why Choose Edufront?

Individualised Attention

Small group learning of 1 tutor to 10 student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the lessons.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current/former MOE teachers or PSLE Science specialists

Differentiated Teaching Approach

Our teaching approaches and materials are differentiated to cater to students’ different achievement levels and learning styles

Comprehensive In-house Materials and Teaching Resources

We invest in developing in-house materials and publications to ensure that our programmes are up-to-date with the latest changes in curriculum

Physical & Online Classes

We have 5 Physical branches located conveniently in Singapore.
Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chua Kang, Woodlands & Tampines.

We have developed a comprehensive programme called LiveOnline@Edufront which would enable us to support our students’ education needs in preparation for the End of Year & National Exams such as the PSLE, N-Levels, and O-Levels. We are very thankful for the valuable feedback from parents and students which enabled us to make continuous enhancements to the quality of our online programmes and services

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2022 Weekly Science Mastery Programme 

P6 classes will kickstart from 5 Nov 2021 onwards. Our Weekly Science Tuition Programme caters to students from all levels and background. We will be offering the following programmes in AY2022:

  • P3 Maths Mastery
  • P4 Maths Mastery
  • P5 Maths Mastery 
  • P6 Maths Mastery

We have a total of 5 branches located around Singapore. Simply click on the branch name below to view the respective address.

Pasir Ris Branch

Blk 614 Elias Road #01-120 Singapore 510614
Contact Number: 6583 2616/ 9183 6342

Choa Chu Kang Branch

Blk 217 Choa Chu Kang Ave Central #B1-212 Singapore 680217
Contact Number: 6816 2910/ 9382 4910

Serangoon North Branch

Blk 533 Serangoon North Ave 4 #B1-233 Singapore 550533
Contact Number:  6957 7175/ 9183 6349


Blk 721, Woodlands Circle #01-122 Singapore 730721
Contact Number: 6909 8593/ 9189 5905


Blk 614 Tampines North Drive 1 #01-11 Singapore 520614
Contact Number: 6974 8552/ 9617 2830 (SMS/WA)


Contact Number: 9382 4546 (SMS/WA)

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Testimonials from Delighted Parents


Edufront Students’ Achievements

Alisha Insyirah
Maths, Science & Malay Mastery Programme
SOPHIA (on the left)
2018 PLSE AGG. 265
science mastery programme
Heng Tian Lee
 Science Mastery Programme 
Mr Yang’s students posted to Victoria School
PSLE Top student Award
PSLE Science Mastery Programme 
Top Improvement Award
English, Maths & Science Mastery Programme 
Neo Jiayu
Top improvement Science
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Ain Sabrina
Top Improvement Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Khok Zi Wai
Top Improvement Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme 

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