Join us as (e)Ambassadors and contribute to Singapore’s

education with Edufront!

Welcome to our (e)Ambassador programme! If your child isn’t currently enrolled at Edufront but you’re enthusiastic about sharing the perks of our weekly programmes with your friends, you’re in for an adventure! 

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for becoming an (e)Ambassador:

Provide referral code: Open to the public interested in referring others to Edufront’s weekly tuition programmes. They can simply provide their contact number as a referral code to their friends who wish to register for the programmes.

Refer a friend: Referrers using their contact number as the referral code can then encourage their friends to register for Edufront’s weekly tuition programmes. They can inform their friends that by using their contact number during registration, both parties can benefit from discounts and rewards.

Receive rewards: For each successful referral, the referrer who provided the referral code will receive a $20 Grab voucher as a token of appreciation. Additionally, the referred parent will receive a $50 discount on their registration fees and an (e)ticket. Our Admin will contact both the referrer and the referee upon receiving the token of appreciation.

FAQ of (e)Ambassador

What is (e)Ambassador?

(e)Ambassador is a program designed for public who want to spread the word about Edufront’s educational services. By participating as an (e)Ambassador, you can refer friends to register with our weekly program and earn rewards in return.

How can my friend get their incentives if they use my referral code?

Your friends can claim their incentives by using your referral code during their registration process with Edufront. Once they successfully sign up and attend our weekly programme, they’ll automatically receive the benefits associated with your referral, including discounts and rewards.

Can I exchange the voucher with cash instead?

Unfortunately, the $20 Grab voucher provided as a reward for successful referrals cannot be exchanged for cash. However, we’re sure you’ll find it convenient and enjoyable to use for your transportation needs or food deliveries!

If my friend sign up her child with Edufront using my referral code, what will we get?

As a Referrer, you’ll receive a $20 Grab voucher as a token of appreciation for your referral.
As a Referred, will enjoy a $50 discount on their registration fees and receive an (e)Ticket to access our weekly programme. 

TnC for (e)Ambassador

  • (e)Ambassador referral programme is open for anyone (non-Edufront Parents)

  • Incentives for Referrer (new sign-up) are $50 offset first invoice and 50 (e)Tickets. For the Ambassador (public) is a $20 Grab voucher

  • Ambassador (public) can only receive the incentives after the referrer registers to confirm enrolment and makes the first invoice .

  • Frequency of referee payment will be once a month (by the 2nd Monday of every month)

  • Edufront reserves the right to modify or terminate the (e)Ambassador Programme at any time.

  • Successful referral must include the Ambassador’s name and Whatsapp number

Refer your friend and join us now for more benefits!