English Mastery Programme

Is your child losing interest in English language and facing difficulties in the comprehension or writing component?

In our Primary English Mastery™️ Programme, we provide the right support to develop and hone your child’s mastery of the key language components – reading comprehension, speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary from K2 to P6 to ignite their passion and interest in mastering the language.

2024 English

Master English with a Holistic Curriculum

Our English tuition centre builds the language skills your child will use for a lifetime

At Edufront, we take a unique approach in English Tuition for our students to master the English Language skills. Rather than rote learning and memorisation our English lessons inspire children to take a genuine interest in the language – and this begins by building their confidence in English, through our innovative system:

Making Grammar Easy

We break complex grammatical rules into bite-size pieces, so they make more sense for students of all levels to tackle school exams.

Injecting Excitement

Students love our English tutors while learning to read, write, speak and listen – thanks to our engaging topic selection and teaching style.

Developing Metacognitive Skills

We teach students to evaluate their own work skills like error analysis, answer precision, identifying logical gaps, etc.

Nurturing Critical Thinking

Our students develop critical thinking skills in our tuition class, such as the ability to answer inferential and application-type questions.

Building Writing Skills

Students improve their writing skills quickly with our “6-traits of writing” learning process model – ideas, organisation, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

Advance Grammar

Students learn advanced grammar rules and thematic vocabulary, giving them a strong foundation in the English Language – and an advantage in the PSLE for English examinations.

Based on the latest MOE syllabus, ready for PSLE English

Our curriculum is developed based on the latest MOE syllabus and covers everything that’s tested at the PSLE level – such as grammar, vocabulary, writing and comprehension.

With the latest syllabus change, this has left many schools, teachers and primary and secondary English tuition centres struggling to adjust to what the new syllabus is all about.

With the amount of English tuition centres out there today, there are many still teaching the old syllabus and using TEACHING MATERIALS that are no longer relevant in Singapore. This means that no matter how much you have spent for English Tuition on your child for, he or she won’t do well not because of a lack of ability… but rather, because the materials and teaching methods provided were not up to date.

Not only are these outdated methods not helping your child – they are actually limiting your child’s English language potential. The truth is, your child needs to experience the latest MOE teaching methods and materials in order to improve properly.

Since the start of Edufront, we’ve helped many primary school students obtain high distinction rate for the English subject with our tested-and-proven methods – and now, your child can experience these unique methods too!

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Parent Testimonials

Nur Faridah

Edufront has no shortage of skilled and committed tutors who aim to help and guide their students in their academic journey. Tutors here are not only qualified, they are friendly and approachable as well should students have any queries.

Zuraidah Hamzah

Most of the tutors are NIE/MOE trained. Tutors are caring and interact well with their students. Excellent materials provided and classes are from Preschool up to Secondary levels.

June Juniadin

Edufront is a great centre for tuition learning. The tutors are all well-trained with either NIE or graduate background. Materials are prepared in-house and is up to date with current syllabus.

7 Reasons to Choose Edufront

Small Group Class Size

Small group size of 1:12 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged.

Caring and Qualified Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors.

Teaching Approach

We tailor our teaching method and materials to suit different students achievement levels.

Learning Materials

Comprehensive learning packages developed in-house and regularly reviewed by our team.

Choices of Classes

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of attending classes in-person, online or accessing recorded classes.

Convenient Locations

We are located at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Tampines.

LiveOnline@ Edufront

Save travelling time and learn from the comforts of your home with our weekly online classes. 

Awards and Accolades

Best Business of 2022
SME500 Award
Singapores Finest Award

Best Business 2022

Awarded by Three Best Rated®, based on an inspection system that studies a tuition centre’s service quality, reputation, history and overall excellence.

Singapore SME 500

Recognised by the Association of Trade and Commerce (Singapore) for being among the top 500 SMEs in Singapore.

Singapore’s Finest Services

We are honoured to be featured in Finest Services as “The Finest Tuition Centre”.

Our Locations

We are located conveniently all across Singapore and online, kindly contact our respective Centre Coordinators at;

Pasir Ris BLK 614

Contact Us : 6583 2616 / 9183 6342 (SMS/WA)

Pasir Ris BLK 483

Contact Us : 8208 2997 (SMS/WA)


Contact Us : 6974 8552 / 9617 2830 (SMS/WA)

Choa Chu Kang

Contact Us : 6816 2910 / 9382 4910 (SMS/WA)


Contact Us : 6909 8593 / 9189 5905 (SMS/WA)

Jurong West

Contact Us : 8208 2998 (SMS/WA)

Serangoon North

Contact Us : 6957 7175 / 9183 6349 (SMS/WA)


Contact Us : 9382 4546 (SMS/WA)

Free Trial Programme

Seeking to enhance your child’s english language? Our free trial provides your child an opportunity to explore our classes without any risk, allowing you to witness the improvements firsthand before enrolling for the full curriculum. Don’t let the english language be an obstacle for them anymore. – Sign up for our free trial today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child start Primary English Tuition?

Primary English Tuition is designed for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6, which typically caters to children aged 7 to 12.

Do you offer individual or group tuition?

Here at Edufront, we provide only group tuition options. Our group tuition classes have a small student-to-tutor ratio to ensure personalized attention for each student.

What qualifications do your tutors possess?

All our tutors are MOE/NIE-trained and have extensive experience in teaching English at the primary level. Many of them are ex-school teachers with years of classroom experience.

Can I get feedback on my child's progress?

Yes, We provide regular progress reports and hold parent-tutor meetings to discuss your child’s achievements, areas of improvement, and strategies for academic success. We also use our very own Learning Management System for parents to keep track of the childs work and progress.

Do you provide materials and resources for students?

Absolutely! Apart from our own in-house main curriculum, we provide supplementary worksheets, practice papers, and e-resources to reinforce learning and practice.

Why should I consider primary english tuition for my child?

English is a vital language in Singapore and globally. Gaining proficiency at a young age can provide a solid foundation for your child’s academic journey and future career. Our English Tuition offers personalized teaching methods to cater to each student’s individual learning needs.

How much does primary english tuition cost in Singapore?

The cost of primary english tuition in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the centre, the tutor’s qualifications, and the duration and frequency of the lessons. On average, you can expect to pay between SGD 30 to SGD 70 per hour. with Edufront.

How often should my child attend english tuition classes?

The frequency of tuition classes will depend on your child’s current academic performance, their learning capabilities, and the complexity of the subject matter. Most students typically attend tuition classes once or twice a week. However, it can be adjusted based on the needs of your child. The key is to ensure that the tuition schedule complements, rather than overburdens, your child’s existing school workload.

Are there online english tuition lessons available?

Yes, there are online primary english tuition options available. With our Live@Online classes, you child will be able to attend our classes from the comfort of your own home. This can be a convenient option for students who have scheduling constraints

What does the Primary English Tuition curriculum cover?

The curriculum covers four main areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, according to the MOE’s guidelines. This includes comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, composition writing, oral communication, and listening comprehension.

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