At Edufront, we harness the authentic experiences shared by our valued parents to foster trust and credibility. These reviews serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence, resonating with both current and potential parents. Join us in building a brand image that thrives on transparency, relatability, and unwavering trust.

How to leave a review?

1. Provided Link

Contact your Centre Admin and they will provide you the links to all the review platform.

2. Leave your review in the link provided

Share your journey with Edufront Learning Centre through your reviews and feel free to add photos if you like! 📸 (Reviews with photo will get double rewards)

3. Screenshot your reviews

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4. Enjoy your rewards

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What can I get if I post a review on Edufront's Facebook Page?

Every review in all platform will be rewarded with 5 (e)Tickets. Reviews which include images will get double the rewards!

How can I leave a review for my child's centre?

You can contact your Centre Admin via WhatsApp and they will provide you with the review links

Can I get the reward if I leave a review but my child never enrol for the weekly programmes?

No, your child need to be enrolled in any our weekly programmes at Edufront to be eligible for the (e)Review reward as (e)tickets reward redemption is only eligible for our current weekly tuition students.

When will I get my (e)Tickets after I leave my review?

You can claim you (e)Review rewards with your Centre Admin once you have submitted the screenshot of your review post.

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