What is Edufront (e)Rebates?

(e)Rebates is monetary discounts where parents can apply towards weekly programmes fees during priority registration period for the subsequent years. 


Edufront (e)Rebates Privileges!


 AY2024 Priority Registration 



 1 Aug- 31 Aug 2023

 DOUBLE (e)Rebates

1 Sep – 31 Oct 2023

Who can get (e)Rebates

Parents who have enrolled their children in the weekly program with Edufront (AY2023 from 1 November 2022 – 30th June) are eligible to receive (e)Rebates.

Priority Registration Period

AY2023 (e)Rebates can only be used or redeem during the AY2024 priority registration period, which is from 1 Aug to 31 October 2023

Expiration of (e)Rebates

If (e)Rebates are not used by 31 October 2023, they will automatically expire.

Transfer of (e)Rebates

Transfer to Another Child: 

Parents can transfer (e)Rebates to other child within the same family. For example, if Child A finishes their education, the (e)Rebates can be transferred to siblings who are currently studying or will be newly signed up with Edufront.

Transfer to Another Friend: 

Parents can transfer the ownership of their (e)Rebates to another friend who is signing up a new student or a former student. Strictly non-transferable to parent of current student that has accumulate (e)Rebates.

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