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At Edufront Learning Centre, we view ourselves as teachers and education researchers. We use research-based strategies in our teaching methodology and in the design of all our programmes with the aim to help your child learn smarter and thus achieve better academic performance in school.

We understand that every child is unique and has different learning abilities and styles. Every student that enrol in our programme is thoroughly assessed and we make sure that we deliver a customised teaching methodology to suit the student’s different learning needs. This sets us apart from other learning centres.

Read on to understand the key research-based teaching methodology that we apply at Edufront Learning Centre.

Our Teaching Methodology 

Concept Mastery

Concepts of each learning unit are reinforced and mastered before proceeding to a more advanced learning level. Diagnostic testing is done to identify any conceptual weaknesses. Instant feedback and correction of flawed concepts to strengthen students’ mastery of the unit.


Students are coached to be aware of their thinking processes, and to identify factors that hinder their own performance. Students are taught heuristics skills and strategies that allow them to perform tasks automatically, and how to evaluate their own performance/ tasks.

Student-Centred Learning

We provide a caring and conducive learning environment which takes into account the students’ needs, abilities, interests and learning styles. Students are encouraged to be active, responsible participants in their own learning.

Building Attitudes

We aim to increase the confidence level of every child through our intensive coaching programmes, instilling a “never give up” spirit in our students.

Differentiated Teaching

Our small class size ensures the feasibility of a differentiated learning experience. Varied teaching and learning materials are used based on the students’ abilities.

Learning Goes Beyond The Classroom

Be Engaged Anytime, Anywhere

Since 2017, all our students are able to extend their learning beyond their weekly face-to-face tuition classes though our integrated Learning Management System (LMS).

This revolutionary first in the tuition industry is made possible due to a strategic collaboration between Edufront and Wizlearn Technologies, our eLearning partner.

Wizlearn Technologies is the leading eLearning solutions company in Singapore which has provided its services to over 250 governmental and corporate institutions such as MINDEF, IDA, IRAS, MOE,  CISCO and NTUC.

Key Features Of Our Integrated
Learning Management System

Thousands of high quality e-learning content (videos and animations) which are in-line with the MOE-curriculum

Regular assessment of learning through online quizzes with self-mark and instant feedback features.

Forum and chat features for student-tutor engagement beyond the weekly tuition classes

Customised e-learning content (combining ready-made content by Education Technologists and Edufront Tutors, which are integrated into the tuition curriculum.

Convenient tracking of the child’s progress by parents

Dedicated team of IT executives and support staff to advice and support our tutors, students and parents in the integration of LMS into the tuition programmes

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