Total Learning Support and Continuity Plan

30 March 2020

Dearest Edufront Parents,

Edufront Goes “LIVE” with Total Learning Support and Continuity Plan (UPDATE)

Following the latest advisory issued by MOH, please note that all classes at our centres will be suspended with effect from Wednesday, 25 March to Thursday, 30 April.

To ensure minimal disruption to the learning of your child, we have activated our Total Learning Support and Continuity Plan which will enable your child to get the support that he/she needs at home.:

Parents’ Letter – Total Learning Support and Continuity Plan V2

1. Daily Live Homework Support Helpline via WhatsApp

Helpline Operation Hours (From 1 to 30 April 2020)

  • Monday to Friday 4pm to 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm
Programmes Hotline Tutor
Primary 1 to 6 Maths 9425 7002/ 9724 9422 Ms Raudah/Mr Yang
Primary 3 to 6 Science 8303 6453 / 9724 9422 Ms Siti Hajar/Mr Yang
Primary and Secondary English 8393 9417 Ms Azizah
Secondary Maths and Sciences 9610 5405 Mdm Aslina
Primary Malay and Secondary Malay +60 127820982 / 8428 8946 Cg Azhar/Cg Hayati

2. Daily Live Online Lessons with our Tutors

Our tutors, including myself and Cikgu Hayati, will be conducting live online lessons (each online lesson 1.5h) daily throughout the centre closure period. Please refer to Annex A attached, for the online lesson schedule. Live online lesson invitations will be sent to parent via email. Please check SPAM folder if no invitation is received.

Do note that the live online lessons are recorded and will be uploaded on our website at: Access password to the recorded lessons will be sent to parents by 31 March 2020.

As this is a web-based platform, you would only need a computer with internet connection and speaker to participate. No downloading of software is needed. Parents are also welcome to join in the sessions with your children.

3. Delivery of Tuition Materials to Home

We have arranged for the home delivery of remaining March and April tuition materials via registered mail (Smartpac). You should receive the package by 31 March 2020. This will save parents and students valuable time and the hassle of downloading and printing the huge amount of materials.

4. Marking of Completed Tuition Materials (Physical and Online Option)

While we have included the answer keys to most of the materials, there are work which may not be ideal for self-marking at home such as composition, comprehension and the science open-ended questions. As such, we are opening up our centres for parents/students to drop the completed materials on every Saturday 10am-5pm, throughout the centre closure period. Please ensure all submissions are labelled and named clearly.

The completed work will be marked by our tutors and returned latest by the following week. Our admin staff will contact parents for collection instructions.

Alternatively, students may submit the completed worksheets online via email to [email protected] The completed worksheets can be scanned, screen-shot or typed out using google doc (e.g. composition).

5. Tuition Fee Rebates and Workshop Voucher (Worth $200 per Programme)

We understand that this migration to online learning support may not be ideal as it requires significant adjustments from students and parents.

Edufront Learning Centre is fully committed to support parents and our students in this challenging time. We are also exploring innovative ideas and options to ensure that our students can continue to excel in the exams and we appreciate your patience and kind understanding.

As such, we would like to offer all our currents students a total fee rebate of $100 PER subject/programme in which $50 will be deducted from April and September fees. In addition, all students will also receive two $50 holiday workshop vouchers which is transferable and can be used to offset any of our upcoming holiday workshops in 2020.

Summary of Fees Rebates and Vouchers (Per Programme)

Effective Month Transferable to other students Validity
$50 fees rebate April 2020 No 30 April 2020
$50 fees rebate September 2020 No 30 September 2020
$50 Workshop Discount Voucher Any upcoming school holiday workshop Yes 31 Dec 2020
$50 Workshop Discount Voucher Any upcoming school holiday workshop Yes 31 Dec 2020

We would like to thank parents for your support. For suggestions, feedback and enquiries, you may get in touch with our respective Centre Coordinators ( during our regular opening hours.

Yang Iskandar (Mr)


Edufront Learning Centre

Annex A

Live Online Lesson Schedule @ Edufront (Each Lesson 1.5hr)

30 Mar, 6, 13, 20, 27 Apr
31 Mar, 7, 14, 21, 28 Apr
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Apr
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Apr
3, 10, 17, 24 Apr
4, 11, 18, 25 Apr
5, 12, 19, 26 Apr
9am-10.30am P3 Maths
[Ms Jasmine Kang]
P3 Malay
[Cg Ahmad Ismail]
10.30am-12pm P4 Maths
[Ms Jasmine Kang]
P4 Malay
[Cg Ahmad Ismail]
12pm-1.30pm P5 Maths/P6 Maths Booster
[Mr Yang]
P5 Malay
[Cg Hayati]
1.30pm-3pm P6 Maths
[Mr Yang]
P6 Malay
[Cg Hayati]
3pm-4.30pm P3 Science
[Mr Yang]
P3 English
[Ms Azizah]
P4 Science
[Mr Yang]
KG Malay
[Cg Hayati]
P5 Science
[Mr Yang]
P5 English
[Mdm Marleenah]
4.30pm-6pm S1/2 EL
[Ms Azizah]
S3/4 EL
[Ms Azizah]
P4 English
[Ms Azizah]
S1/2 Malay
[Cg Hayati]
S3/4 Malay
[Cg Hayati]
P6 Science
[Mr Yang]
P6 English
[Mdm Marleenah]
6pm-7.30pm P1 Maths
[Ms Raudah]
P1 Malay
[Cg Marleenah]
S3 EMaths
[Ms Nurulhafizah]
S1 Maths
[Ms Nurulhafizah]
S1 Science
[Ms Nur Aisya]
S3 Physics
[Ms Nur Aisya]
S3 Chemistry
[Ms Nur Aisya]
8pm-9.30pm P2 Maths
[Ms Raudah]
P2 Malay
[Cg Marleenah]
S4 E Maths
[Ms Nurulhafizah]
S2 Maths
[Ms Nurulhafizah]
S2 Science
[Ms Nur Aisya]
S4 Physics
[Ms Nur Aisya]
S4 Chemistry
[Ms Nur Aisya]
  • Invitation will be sent to all students, via parents email, on instructions to join the live online lessons
  • As this is a web-based platform, you would only need a computer with internet connection and speaker to participate. No downloading of software is needed.
  • All live lessons will be recorded and the link to the videos will be uploaded on our website at So don’t worry if your child miss the live sessions.
  • The tutors deployed to conduct the sessions above may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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