Edufront Perks Privileges!

Benefits to Enjoy!

Temporary Card 

Permanent Card

Exclusive offers & discounts


Referral code discounts


Reward Tickets & Vouchers


Flyers & Brochures


Free samples/ Sponsored items




1. Register & insert referral code

Sign up for any weekly programme with us and insert referral code for new sign-up only. Enjoy offers & discounts from our distinguished partners. 

2. Enjoy all benefits after enrolment.

Savour the benefits from us.

3. Become a permanent member!

Complete one month class and confirm your enrolment, to become a permanent member, and enjoy even better perks from us!

What is “Edufront Perks”?

It is a loyalty program where both parents and students get to enjoy benefits from Edufront in a lifetime period.

How to subscribe to the perks?

Sign up and register at our physical learning centres or online register

Can I purchase the perks card at Edufront centres?

No, it is not possible to do so. You need to register in any programmes at Edufront.

What is the validity for the perks card?

Lifetime membership once enrolled.

When will I receive the perk cards?

You will receive the Temporary Perk card for one month and then, you can enjoy Edufront Perks Permanent card forever

Join NOW and pick up physical cards at our centres.