Everything you Need to Know About Maths Tuition

If you ask most weak students which subject they hate the most in school, their answer is probably Maths. But what exactly makes Maths so difficult for students to master? And how do you get the right kind of help in Maths tuition for your child who is weak in Maths? Let’s discuss all these and more in the article below.

Why Is Maths So Difficult to Master?

Students who are weak in Maths usually do not have a good grasp of the concepts, formulas and problem solving techniques. In addition, they face problems comprehending the mathematical lingo and terms used in questions, and often cannot identify the appropriate operations required to solve the problems. All these, coupled with students’ low self esteem and perseverance, will lead to a perpetual cycle of weakness in Maths that will be difficult to overcome in the long run.

However, it is not just students who are stressed out by Maths. Parents of children who are weak in Maths also face problems of their own, which brings us to the next point.

What Problems do Parents Face When Their Children are Weak in Maths?

When children underperform and start to lose interest in Maths, parents may begin to feel incapable of rekindling their children’s interest in it. On top of that, most parents are not familiar with the latest Maths syllabus, topics and style of answering questions, and thus, are unable to guide their children with their challenging Maths problems. Even when parents have the necessary Maths knowledge and skills, they may not have sufficient time to tutor their children, due to work and other commitments. As such, most parents nowadays enrol their children in Maths tuition programmes, to help them cope with their Maths problems.

How to Get the Right Kind of Help in Maths Tuition

While enrolling children in tuition programmes is good, parents must know how to identify the most appropriate Maths tuition centre for their children. We will next look into the right kind of help in Maths tuition that parents should get for their children.

Experienced Maths Tutors

A good tuition centre should have experienced Maths tutors. They must have relevant qualifications such as diplomas or degrees in Maths related fields, and years of suitable hands-on experience in teaching Maths. They must also be familiar with the current Maths syllabuses and topics for different primary and secondary school levels. And notwithstanding, they should be flexible in adopting differentiated teaching to meet the needs of students with different learning capabilities.

Teaching Resources for Maths Tuition

If good Maths tutors can make a difference in your child’s Maths grades, imagine what kind of wonders these tutors can do with effective teaching resources. As such, you should always find out the kind of teaching resources a tuition centre is utilising for their Maths tuition lessons. The centre cannot just have a standardized set of teaching resources for everyone. Instead, it needs to have customised materials to cater to the different needs of students with varying learning capabilities. In addition, it should conduct structured diagnostics testing to identify learning gaps, and prepare specific teaching resources and lessons that help to close these gaps.

Does the Tuition Centre Have A Systematic Approach For Maths Tuition?

Mastering the topics in Maths is different from that of other subjects. One cannot just learn and memorise the facts and formulas in Maths, and hope to score well in the exams overnight. There has to be a systematic approach in the way students study Maths concepts and apply them to overcome problems. This is where a tuition centre with a proper teaching system can come in, to develop students’ mathematical proficiency.

An effective systematic approach can begin with tangible components such as the use of calculations that students can manage during tuition lessons. This can be followed by visual depictions including charts, tables, graphs and graphics that students can read and make deductions. Then students can perform abstract tasks including writing and interpreting numbers or letters, to illustrate their comprehension of a task. Finally, students can be taught how to use numerous problem solving techniques to solve standard and higher order Maths problems.

By utilising such a systematic approach at the organisational level, the tuition centre will be able to instil a renewed confidence in their students to handle Maths in a relevant way and convert mathematical skills from the tangible to conceptualisation. Students will then have a better grasp of complex Maths concepts, be able to tackle various types of questions with ease and see rapid improvement in their Maths grades.

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