Edufront Parents’ Workshop Series Recap

Edufront Parents’ Workshop Series Recap (30 Dec to 1 Jan)

🎬 Explore a treasure trove of insights from Edufront’s Parents’ Workshop Series! Dive into our playlist, covering essential topics to empower parents in aiding their child’s academic journey. From mastering Malay to acing PSLE subjects, we’ve got it all. Check out the entire series here: Edufront Parents Workshop Series Playlist

Unlocking the Secrets of Lower Primary Malay Success 📚 🌐 Ready to enhance your child’s Malay proficiency? Our workshop video provides invaluable tips on navigating the Lower Primary Malay curriculum. Watch it here: How to help your child excel in Lower Primary Malay?

🗣️ Empower parents with expert strategies for guiding children through PSLE Oral skills challenges. Watch the workshop here: Cara membantu anak-anak untuk menguasai Lisan PSLE

Cara Bijak Membantu Anak Menguasai ‘Imbuhan’ 🔍 🤔 Imbuhan causing confusion? Fear not! Dive into our workshop for expert strategies on helping your child conquer ‘Imbuhan.’ Click here: Strategi membantu anak-anak menguasai ‘Imbuhan’

Crafting Excellence: PSLE English & Chinese Writing Strategies ✍️ 📝 Elevate your child’s writing skills with our specialised workshops. Learn the art of scoring in PSLE English Writing: Strategies to help your child score in PSLE English Writing

and master the nuances of Chinese Writing: Strategies to help your child score in PSLE Chinese Writing

Cracking the Code of Primary School Math 🧮 ➕ Ready to unravel the mysteries of Maths? Our workshop provides effective strategies for excelling in Lower Primary Math: Strategies to help your child excel in Maths at Lower Primary.

Scientific Success: Acing Primary School Science 🌐 🌟 Fuel your child’s curiosity! Explore tips and tricks to ensure Science success in primary school: How to help your child ace Primary School Science?

Supporting Your Child in Secondary Malay / Higher Malay 📚 🎓 Transition smoothly into secondary education with insights on supporting your child in Malay and Higher Malay: How to support your child in Secondary Malay / Higher Malay?

Get ready to embark on a journey of academic empowerment with Edufront’s Parents’ Workshop Series! 🚀 #EdufrontWorkshops #ParentingTips #AcademicSuccess