Why English Tuition for Primary Students Matter


A difficult language to be proficient in is the English language. What makes it a complex language to learn is its grammar rules — which needs a lot of critical thinking and comprehension to eventually master.

No one can really escape English. Other than being the world’s second most spoken language. It is also the lingua franca for many countries.

Teaching English is no easy task either. Teachers have to use the correct techniques for their students to unlock their critical thinking, reading, and composition skills. It is evidently different from a “logical” subject like Math and Science.

Many students may get stuck on a comprehension cloze despite trying to learn the English language. If you want to help your child hone their English language skills, the best course of action is to hire a PSLE English tutor for your child to score higher in their examinations.

PSLE English Tutors

PSLE English tutors aid in a child’s learning. Tutors have gained mastery in this language, thus they are the best ones to teach your child useful techniques to improve their English skills.

Why Do Primary School Students Need a PSLE English Tutor?

Primary school students need a PSLE English tutor for their upcoming PSLE examination. This should not be taken lightly, as it is a national examination that determines a student’s qualification to move on to secondary education streams.

With a PSLE English tutor, your child’s skills in English will be honed. Students who have Primary English tuition also have an edge as they help in mock exams for Primary English, reassuring worried students. A few more reasons are as follows:

a. A strong foundation is required for advanced education. This is crucial especially in fields where eloquence is important.

b. Writing is a common part of education. Essays in subjects like social studies or history would require a baseline skill in English.

c. English can help counter Singlish “shortcuts” and “grammar”.

A Student’s PSLE Journey

Once you—the parent, and your child—the student finally agrees to seek a PSLE English tutor, you should expect this to happen:

a. Your child and their tutor would focus on all PSLE English Papers. It’s not enough to only focus on Paper 1 or Paper 2 even if the student is already doing good in other aspects. The most important thing is to hone your child’s skills, both strengths and weaknesses.

b. Students will overcome their English language weakness through tutors. Usually, a student does not get to have one-on-one learning sessions with their school teachers as they have to learn with their classmates. With tutors, they identify what your child needs to do accurately. Especially so in writing and comprehension.

c. Tutors teach PSLE students how to study. Students may have lots of subjects to study, and they may be anxious if they feel overwhelmed. PSLE English tutors not only teach English but also how to effectively balance their workload.

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What makes us different from our competitors is our increased attention to each student, which helps us tailor the right teaching approach for your child. Our tutors are not only trained but also experienced in their respective subjects to ensure you are providing the best for your child.

We offer classes via a physical setup (covid-19 prevents us from doing so now), live streams, or recorded classes. So you can choose what is convenient for you.

We constantly garner feedback from students and parents alike — we function more like a democracy if anything!

PSLE English Tuition

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visual block: Besides the PSLE English tuition to pay for, it’s also recommended for parents to invest in comprehension cloze assessment books their child can practice on.

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