Important Subjects to Prepare in 2023 for Primary School Students

As primary school students gear up to enter the world of education in 2023, they have a lot to think about. With each year comes more information and subjects that need to be mastered so that students can progress with ease to secondary school and higher level of education. Although we understand it can seem daunting, it’s important for parents and guardians to begin preparing their little ones for success as early on as possible! As the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore is progressively introducing full subject based banding in schools, it’s important for students to become familiar with the wider range of subjects being offered in each school. This will help them make more informed decisions and choose their desired schools, as well as get to know the new syllabus. It’ll also give them a greater depth of knowledge that can be applied once they start attending class and making new friends. In this article, we’ll discuss the key subjects that should not be overlooked when helping children get ready for primary school success in 2023 – from reading & writing skills down through math fundamentals and science foundations. Here’s what your child needs to know in order to start the year fully prepared!

Subject #1: English language, one of the most important primary school subjects

As most of us can attest to, strong English language and communication capabilities are essential for success in the modern world. On top of that reading, writing and comprehension are essential skills that are necessary for success in academic subjects and life itself. As such English should be a focus for students in 2023 and it is important to take the time to practice these skills; activities like reading, writing stories or poems, discussing topics with peers, or even having conversations in English can help build a strong foundation. In fact, it’s important that primary school students strengthen their reading and writing skills before beginning the school year, as well as begin honing their public speaking abilities. This will help them prepare for mid-year exams and better express themselves both verbally and creatively during class time.

Subject #2: Mother tongue languages such as Malay, Tamil and Chinese language

Mother tongue language should be a priority for primary school students in 2023. For those living in Singapore, mastering this second language is a must – especially given how quickly it is advancing as a global language used in business and international relations alike! Being able to understand and speak their native language will give students an edge when communicating with family members, friends and relatives who might not be as conversant in English. It will also help them appreciate the culture and history of their own people better. Furthermore, having a strong foundation in their Mother tongue languages will help students better understand other languages, making them more proficient in their language studies. From basic conversation to comprehension and critical thinking exercises, 2023 is likely to be the perfect time for your child to gain a firm grasp on their mother tongue language. So be sure to encourage your kids to learn as much as they can about their native language and start early!

Subject #3: Maths fundamentals and problem-solving skills

Mathematics is also an important subject to prepare for in primary school. Students need to understand fundamental mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before they move on to more complex topics. Additionally, it’s important to have strong problem-solving skills so that students can apply the math they’ve learned to practical situations. Working on word problems, puzzles and logic games are great ways for primary school students to practice their mathematical skills and prepare for exams. Maths is a subject that never goes away; it’s an important life skill that can be used in almost any profession or area of study. In order to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge necessary for the coming year, parents should provide students with tuition if needed (choosing from PSLE tuition centres near you), so they can properly develop their understanding of numbers and problem-solving skills.

Subject #4: Science

Science is another subject that requires a firm foundation in order to understand more complex concepts as time progresses. Science is a fascinating subject, and primary school students should prepare to learn all about the world around them. They will learn how things work and why they happen, discovering the principles of physics, chemistry, biology and more. Students should have a basic grasp on scientific topics such as diversity, interactions, systems and more before they begin their studies in 2023. Experimentation will play an important role in their learning as they gain first-hand experience with scientific concepts. Students should also be familiar with basic lab safety protocols to ensure their safety while conducting experiments. Additionally, certain skills such as measurement and calculation are essential to understand science topics within the classroom setting. All these essentials will provide students with the knowledge they need to move forward and tackle more difficult material as the year goes on. Additionally, it is recommended that students begin preparing for Science final and mid-year exams early on so they can get familiar with the exam format and content. With a solid foundation in science knowledge, primary school students can look forward to uncovering the mysteries of nature!


Overall, these subjects are essential preparation for primary school students starting their academic journey in 2023. Helping children get off on the right foot sets them up for success further down the line, especially for secondary schools and higher. A good grasp of the various subjects is something that primary school students should strive for in order to gain access to a broader range of learning opportunities. Working towards a good grade in the final and mid-year examinations also requires greater depth of understanding, so providing your child with additional assistance like enrichment classes at a tuition centre can ensure they’re ready for any potential challenge ahead! When children are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, they will be able to take on anything that comes their way!

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