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Mr. Yang Iskandar
Principal Of Edufront Learning Centre

Former HOD of Maris Stella High School
Award Winning Educator MSc (NUS Research Scholar), BBA (Hons) and PGDE (Primary Specialisation – NIE/NTU)

Mr. Yang Iskandar
Principal Of Edufront Learning Centre

Former HOD of Maris Stella High School
Award Winning Educator MSc (NUS Research Scholar),
BBA (Hons) and PGDE (Primary Specialisation – NIE/NTU)

Dear Parents, Are You Facing the Following Challenges with your Secondary School Children?

  • They are underperforming in the school tests and exams?
  • Struggling to pass important subjects such as Maths, Science and English?
  • Losing interest in their school work and you have difficultly in influencing their habits?

You are not alone. As a parent to two secondary school children, I fully understand the challenges faced by parents in ensuring that our children continue to succeed in secondary school. Some students who did very well in the PSLE may struggle to pass in some subjects in the top secondary/IP schools. In addition, the students face added pressure to excel in the CCA and adapt to the new environment in school.

On the other hand, I have seen many students who may not have done well in primary school, but went on to excel and top their class at secondary school. Many went on to score in the N-Level or O-Level examination and qualify for the dream JC or the sought-after courses at polytechnic – with the right support, guidance and learning strategies and with strong partnership between schools, parents and education centres.

My name is Yang Iskandar, Principal Tutor of Edufront Learning Centre. Prior to founding Edufront Learning Centre with my wife, I was an MOE teacher and Head of Department (ICT) at Maris Stella High School.

Throughout my teaching career at MOE and at Edufront Learning Centre, I have helped thousands of students from various ability levels make at least two grades improvement in the school exams.

My Academic and Teaching Achievements are summarised below:

  • Masters of Science (Accelerated Masters Programme and NUS Research Scholarship) – National University of Singapore
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (2nd Class Upper Honours) – National University of Singapore
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary Specialisation) – National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University
  • Alumnus of National Junior College
  • Alumnus Nan Hua High School (Valedictorian)
  • Former Head of Department of ICT at Maris Stella High (Primary) School
  • Over 12 years of teaching experience at Maris Stella High (Primary), Radin Mas Primary, Yumin Primary School and Park View Primary School

Challenges in Secondary School Education

Secondary School is undeniably one of the most unforgettable chapter in our life. It is an important phase as we make new friends from different backgrounds and forge bonds and friendships.

In secondary school, our children will spend most of their teenage years developing traits and core values that will influence and impact the rest of their life. It is also a place where secondary school students will realise how important it is to excel in such a competitive environment, which one cannot achieve through learning alone in school. At the end of their years of secondary education, most students still have to sit for the N-Level or O-Level examinations which will carve out the path for their life and future tertiary education in Junior College, Polytechnic or ITE. The N-Level and the O-Levels will be one of the most challenging examinations your child will ever face yet. That is because students will have to take up to 9 subjects at once. With this level of difficulty and the high expectations from our education system in Singapore, it is no surprise that our students at the age from 13 to 16 have to face the immense pressure in secondary school.

Our Strategy

At Edufront, we appreciate the challenges our secondary school students are facing having to juggle with 9 subjects, demanding CCAs, project work, competitions and preparing for the exams. As such, we offer small-group Secondary Mastery Programme, taught by our caring and specialist tutors at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North and Choa Chu Kang centre in the key subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences and Malay.

Three Pronged Approach

Content and Subject Mastery
Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
Communication Skills

Our Secondary Mastery programmes meet the needs of students in both the secondary and IP schools. A strong emphasis on current affairs and critical thinking in our Secondary English and Mother Tongue Mastery programmes help our secondary school students make crucial links between what they learn in class and the wider world around them. Lesson materials aim to build on subject-specific content knowledge and exam skills.

Your secondary child’s learning habits are essential to his or her performance at each subject. Understanding key success criteria for each component of the exam helps your child to understand what knowledge to apply and how to apply it.

Being able to think deeply about the methods, techniques and processes of learning go a long way in helping your child exhibit resilience in continually acquiring and applying increasingly complex knowledge throughout secondary school.

Why Choose Edufront?

Individualised Attention

We have a small group of 1 to 10 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the lessons.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors.

Differentiated Teaching Approach

Our teaching approaches and materials are differentiated to cater to students’ different achievement levels and learning styles

Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Materials

Comprehensive materials and teaching resources developed in-house by our team of curriculum specialists.


We have 5 Physical branches located conveniently in Singapore.
Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands & Tampines

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2021 Weekly Secondary Mastery Programme

We are offering the following weekly secondary programmes for Academic Year 2021: English Lower Secondary Maths, Lower Secondary Science, E. Maths, Malay, Higher Malay and Malay Special Programme (MSP)

Click on the respective branch below to view the various subjects available:

Pasir Ris Branch

We offer programmes for the following subjects:

1) English (S1 to O-Levels)
2) Lower Secondary Science
3) E. Maths (S1-S3, N Level/O Level)
4) Secondary Malay (S1-S4)
5) Secondary Higher Malay (S3-S4)

Choa Chu Kang Branch

We offer programmes for the following subjects:

1) Lower Secondary Mathematics
2) Lower Secondary Science
3) English (Sec 3, 4, N , O Level)
6) E. Maths (S3, N Level/O Level)

8) Secondary Malay (S1 – O Level)


Serangoon North Branch

We offer programmes for the following subjects:

1) Lower Secondary Mathematics
Lower Secondary Malay
3) E.Maths (S3, N Level/O Level)
4) Upper Sec Malay (N Level,O Level)

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Malay mastery programme
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