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Best PSLE Science Mastery Programme in Singapore

Accelerate your child’s mastery of science concepts, process skills, and answering techniques in our Weekly Primary Science Mastery classes.

In our Primary Science Mastery™️ Programme, students would be taught strategies on how to apply concepts and process skills to challenging problems in primary science and to answer Open-Ended questions in Section B  and MCQs with confidence and precision.

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Science Concepts

Builds your child’s knowledge and understanding of the key science concepts through fun-filled hands-on experiments in life and physical sciences


Answering Techniques 

We teach your child effective answering strategies to equip them with the skills to identify keywords and apply them to questions to score the most marks in the science exam


Process Skills 

We nurture and inculcate in your child important Scientific process skills such as  observing, comparing, analysing, predicting, communicating and creative problem solving

Our Strategy

In the past, a student could do very well in Science just by memorising all the science concepts. However, in the current syllabus, success in Primary School Science is more than just acquiring and understanding the scientific concepts, memorising guidebooks or completing countless assessment books.
The key to success in primary science is having a strong understanding of the Concepts in every topic and the mastery of Process Skills and Answering Techniques.
Unfortunately, these process skills are often not taught in a structured and systematic manner in schools. As many of these process skills involved higher-order thinking skills, the teaching has to be carefully planned, structured and regularly emphasised across the various topics.

Our Approach

Having analysed the latest MOE Primary Science syllabus and latest trends in the PSLE science questions, we developed a 3-pronged strategy in our Primary Science Tuition Mastery classes to help students SCORE in PSLE Science. In our Primary Science Mastery™️ Programme, students would be taught strategies on how to apply concepts and process skills to challenging problems in primary science and to answer Open-Ended questions in Section B with confidence and precision.

Why Choose Edufront?

Small Group Size

Small group size of 1:12 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the lessons and get the attention they need.

*2 : 24 for Mr Yang’s classes.

Caring and Qualified Tutors supported by our Academic Team

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors who are support by our team of Curriculum Specialists and Academic Managers to deliver the best possible programme for your child

Tutoring that’s tailored to your child’s needs

Our tutors tailor their teaching approach, catering to each student’s unique learning style and ability levels.

Up-to-Date Learning Materials and Curriculum

Comprehensive learning packages developed in-house and regularly reviewed by our team of curriculum specialists to ensure alignment with the MOE latest curriculum and exam question trends.

Choice of Physical or Live-Online Classes

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of attending classes in-person at any of our 5 centres, live-online via Zoom, or accessing recorded classes via our innovative LMS portal.

Conveniently located near you

Attend classes at a learning centre near you. We are located at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Tampines.

LiveOnline@ Edufront

Save travelling time and learn from the comforts of your home. Recommended if your child is a rather self-motivated and independent learner. Weekly live-online lessons via Zoom with our tutors and supported with our LMS to extend the learning 24/7.

2023 Primary Science Mastery Programmes

Skyrocket your child’s science knowledge and their ability to answer open-ended PSLE science examination
questions – with our Physical and Online Classes

P3 Science Tuition

-Physical classes
-Live Online class

P4 Science Tuition

-Physical classes
-Live Online class

P5 Science Tuition

-Physical classes
-Live Online class

PSLE Science Tuition

-Physical classes
-Live Online Class


Testimonials from Delighted Parents


Edufront Students’ Achievements

Alisha Insyirah
Maths, Science & Malay Mastery Programme
SOPHIA (on the left)
2018 PLSE AGG. 265
science mastery programme
Heng Tian Lee
 Science Mastery Programme 
Mr Yang’s students posted to Victoria School
PSLE Top student Award
PSLE Science Mastery Programme 
Top Improvement Award
English, Maths & Science Mastery Programme 
Neo Jiayu
Top improvement Science
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Ain Sabrina
Top Improvement Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Khok Zi Wai
Top Improvement Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme 

And Many More…

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