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Edufront has a proven record for transforming average students into top performers at PSLE examinations, and we’re confident that our effective learning strategies can help your child get into the secondary school of their choice!

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Master Primary School Subjects with Our ” 3 Areas of Mastery” Approach

Skills that accelerate your child’s learning abilities, and promote independent learning

At Edufront, we believe that “learning how to learn” is fundamental for every primary school student – as these skills will help your child to quickly grasp concepts, understand content, pick up new skills, and know how to apply what they’ve learn in examinations. Our PSLE Mastery programmes uses our unique “3 Areas of Mastery” approach to get your child ready for the most important examinations of their young lives.


Content & Subjects

Skills for consolidating content and key concepts, then applying them in examinations.


Problem-Solving Skills & Techniques

Strategies and skills for solving higher-order PSLE questins that require critical thinking.


Revision & Reinforcement

Intensive classroom-based tutorials, online lessons and videos for revision, reinforcement and drilling before the PSLE.

Exclusive learning resources, developed by MOE/NIE-trained educators

Students receive learning resources, examination notes, books, videos and other materials – specially prepared by our Programme Directors and tutors, who leverage on their years of experience and knowledge of the PSLE system to create resources that are proven to significantly improve students’ grades.

Why Choose Edufront?

Individualised Attention

We have a small group of 1 to 10 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the lessons.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors.

Differentiated Teaching Approach

Our teaching approaches and materials are differentiated to cater to students’ different achievement levels and learning styles

Comprehensive Topical Worksheets

Comprehensive worksheets and problem-solving packages developed in-house by Mr. Yang and team of curriculum specialists.

Physical, live streaming and on-demand classes

Enjoy the flexibility of attending classes in-person, over live streams, or accessing recorded classes via our innovative LMS portal.

Conveniently located near you

Attend classes at a learning centre near you. We are located at Pasir Ris, Serangoon North, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Tampines.

LiveOnline@ Edufront


Accelerate your child’s preparation for PSLE, O-Level and N-Level examinations with our LiveOnline@Edufront programme – developed and fine-tuned with feedback from parents and students.

2022 PSLE Mastery Programmes

Help your child to score in their PSLE examinations, and get into the secondary school of their choice. Our PSLE Mastery programmes have produced many of Singapore’s top scoring students, and we’re confident of guiding your child to fulfil their true potential.

PSLE Mathematics Mastery Programme

  • Strengthens your child’s application of maths concepts
  • Mastery of problem-solving strategies
  • Mastery of advanced problem-solving strategies (for students aiming to score an A* )

PSLE Science Mastery Programme

  • Learn scientific concepts through technology and hands-on activities
  • Infusion of process skills and scientific inquiry through science heuristics
  • Master answering techniques to ace open-ended questions

PSLE English Mastery Programme

  • Master vocabulary and grammatical concepts
  • Excel at writing with our “6-traits” approach
  • Regular language assessments to track progress and consistency

PSLE Malay Mastery Programme

  • Conducted by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Pusat Bahasa NUSA
  • Ignites students’ interest in the Malay language
  • Boosts confidence when reading, writing and speaking in Malay

This programme aims to strengthen students’ competencies in 4 components:
1) Writing
2) Oral
3) Comprehension
4) Grammar and vocabulary

For more information about our Malay Mastery programme do visit our website at:


Edufront Students’ Achievements

At Edufront, our PSLE Preparatory and Mastery Programme has helped thousands of students unleash their best potential at PSLE and achieve amazing results to qualify for top IP/IB/Secondary schools.

Lee Yunhoo
2020 PSLE AGG. 259
Science Mastery Programme
Filomena Litani
2020 PLSE AGG. 271
A in Malay Language
Yusra Tasnim Habiba
2020 PSLE AGG. 273
Maths, Science & Malay Mastery Programme 
Glenda Chiam Wen Qian
2020 PSLE AGG. 263
PSLE Science Mastery Programme 
Mariam Bilal Elhassan
Top Improvement Award
A in Malay PSLE, Malay Mastery Programme
Neo Jiayu
Top improvement Science
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Iman Fitrey Ismail
2019 PSLE AGG, 275
Maths & Science Mastery Programme
Khok Zi Wai
Top Improvement Award
Maths & Science Mastery Programme 

And Many More…


Bonus 1: Home Study Library (via the LMS platform)

Access to our award-winning Learning Management System for on-demand lessons, worksheets and quizzes.

Bonus 2: PSLE Accelerator Videos


Accelerator videos to supercharge your child’s proficiency in PSLE maths and science – accessible 24/7, on any device.

Package Promotion: Free Booster Classes (Maths/Malay)
Free Booster Classes
(Maths/ Malay)

PSLE Mastery + PSLE Booster Classes

Sign up for our P6 Maths Mastery programme and at least 2 other Mastery programmes, and receive our P6 Maths (or Malay) Booster classes absolutely free! 

P6 Maths Mastery + 2 other Mastery Programmes

P6 Maths Booster/ P6 Malay Booster Programme

What are Booster classes? 

Our P6 Maths Booster and P6 Malay Booster classes are ideal for students who score below 60% in examinations. Students in Booster classes get access to 2 classes per week (instead of 1 class a week) and have proven to significantly improve students’ PSLE scores.