Parents’ Letter April 2021

Important Notice for Parents

1. Ramadan (Fasting Month)

Timing This year’s Muslim fasting month falls on 13 April to 12 May 2021. As we have a large number of students and tutors who would be fasting, we would be making slight changes to our weekday class schedule to give them ample time for breaking of fast. Kindly note the changes to our weekly class schedule for Ramadan (weekdays only). There is no change to the weekend class schedule.

Throughout Ramadan, our centres will be providing drinks and light food to all tutors and students who are staying behind or coming earlier to break fast. Students who are not fasting are also welcomed to join the breaking fast session. On behalf of the Management, Tutors and all Staff at Edufront Learning Centre, we would like to wish all Muslims parents and students a blessed Ramadan.

2. Upcoming ‘Planned Lessons’ and ‘No Class’ Schedule for April and May

Kindly note upcoming ‘Planned Lessons’ and ‘No Class’ schedule:

  • 29 April (Thu): Make up for Hari Raya PH (Lessons as usual)
  • 1 May (Sat): Lessons as usual (Labour Day PH) (note: updated from the 2021 Academic Calendar)

  • 13 May (Thu): No class, Centre Closure (Hari Raya PH)
  • 26 May (Wed): No class, Centre Closure (Vesak PH)
  • 29 May (Sat): No class (5th week)
  • 30 May (Sun): No class (5th week)
  • 31 May (Mon): No class (5th week)

Weekly lessons will continue as usual during the June school holidays. We be conducting holiday workshops during the school holidays especially for the PSLE students.

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More details will be provided soon.

Thank you and warmest regards,

Yang Iskandar

Principal Edufront Learning Centre