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We have developed a comprehensive programme called LiveOnline@Edufront
which would enable us to support our students’ education needs in preparation
for the End of Year and National Exams such as the PSLE, O-Levels and the N-Levels.

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Key features of our Online Lessons

Our most highly sought-after programmes are getting better! Discover how we harness Technology to Boost the Learning of our Students through the Learning Management System (LMS).

During Lessons

  • Interactive Live Lessons with our former/NIE-trained tutors
  • Live lessons are recorded for an unlimited recap and self-paced learning

After Class Support

  • Daily Homework Support
  • Track Academic Progression via LMS
  • Exclusive Access to Learning Resources
  • Automated Quizzes and Assessments
  • Discussion Forums

Advantages of our Online Lessons

Learning Management System (LMS) and its features:

For every registration to our Physical or Live-Online weekly programmes,
Exclusive access to learning materials through the Learning Management System (LMS).

  • All students will have their own unique LMS account and will have access to the registered programmes.
  • Convenient access to Learning Materials and recorded online lessons
  • Test papers and quizzes with automated marking for drill and practice and revision of concepts
  • Forum discussions with our tutors/Homework Hero for daily homework help
  • Track student learning progress with report

Monthly Delivery of Learning Materials

If you are opting to do online lessons for your child, we will extend our services by printing and delivering all the learning materials required to your doorstep before every new month.

For the submission of worksheets to be marked and checked by the tutors, students will have to take a picture and/ scan the worksheets and upload it to the assigned folders. This is to ensure all Edufront Online students are keeping up with the lessons.

Why Choose Edufront?

Individualised Attention

We have a small group of 1 to 10 tutor-student ratio to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the lessons.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Majority of our tutors are NIE-trained, current or former MOE teachers or subject specialist tutors.

Differentiated Teaching Approach

Our teaching approaches and materials are differentiated to cater to students’ different achievement levels and learning styles

Comprehensive Topical Worksheets

Comprehensive worksheets and problem-solving packages developed in-house by Mr. Yang and team of curriculum specialists.

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2021 Live-Online Programme

At LiveOnline @ Edufront, we offer weekly Online programmes for Maths, Science, English and Malay to help our students ace in their academics. We have programmes from Kindergarten level to PSLE and Secondary, N/O-Levels.

Mathematics Mastery/ Mathematics Foundation/ Mathematics Booster Programme

We offer three Mathematics programmes to cater to students of different learning abilities:

  • Maths Mastery
  • Maths Booster (for students with less than 60% marks)
  • Maths Foundation (for Primary 6)

This programme focuses on the following components:
– Strengthening and application of mathematical concepts
Mastery of problem-solving strategies
– Mastery of advance problem-solving strategies for students who are aiming to score A*

Science Mastery Programme

We use a 3-pronged strategy to help students achieve success in Science:

  • Concept Mastery
  • Process Skills Mastery
  • Answering Technique Mastery.

Key strategies of our Science Programme are:
– Discover scientific concepts through the use of  technology and engaging hands-on activities
– Infusion of Process Skills and Scientific Inquiry through science heuristics (proprietary templates)
– Master answering techniques to ace open-ended questions with confidence and accuracy

English Mastery Programme

Key components of our programme are:

  • Rigorous vocabulary strengthening activities to strengthen
    students’ ability to recall and connect semantic relationships
    from phrase to text​
  • Comprehensive grammar concepts teaching to understand the rules between vocabulary while applying them to the writing process​
  • Writing strategies based on the 6-traits approach
  • Differentiated Teaching and Materials for students of different learning paces
  • Regular language assessment to track language revision consistency

Malay Mastery/ Malay Special Programme

This programme is conducted by our wholly-owned subsidiary NUSA Malay Language Centre.

Directed by our founder, Cikgu Hayati Abdullah (book author of
best-seller, Saya Boleh Mengarang™ series published by EPH),
his programme aims to strengthen students’ competencies in 4 components:
1) Writing
2) Oral
3) Comprehension
4) Grammar and vocabulary

For more information about our Malay Mastery programme do visit our website at:

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All Live-lessons are recorded and uploaded to our Learning Management System (LMS) platform.


Edufront Online-Lesson Students’ Achievements

At Edufront, our Live-Online Programme has helped students unleash their best potential and achieve amazing results to qualify for top Secondary schools and also better grades.

2020 PSLE AGG, 271




Testimonials from Delighted Parents

We are pleased to celebrate our student’s achievements even the small improvements.
We are very thankful for the valuable feedback from parents and students which have enabled us to make continuous enhancements to the quality of our online programmes and services.


Step-by-step registration for our live-online programme

Step 1

Click on the Register Online button to select your preferred programme and time-slots available. At the end of the online registration page, click Submit button to reserve a place for your child. Ensure you are taken to a successful registration page after clicking the submit button.

Step 2

To complete the registration, make an advance payment of $50 per programme. Payment can be made via PayNow or bank transfer.
Upon successful payment, parents will receive an email confirmation of the online class allocation, fees breakdown and other registration details within 1-2 working days.

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For registration and programme enquiries, kindly contact us via Whatsapp/SMS

Live-Online: 9382 4546 (SMS/WA)

For the following matters pertaining to:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Programme Feedback
  • School Programmes (MOE Staff)
  • External Vendors and Government Agencies
  • To Reach Out To Our Principals, Mr. Yang or Cikgu Hayati

You may reach out to our Academic Coordinator
at 9153 1854 (SMS/WA)