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19 April 2020

Dearest Edufront Parents,

LiveOnline@Edufront – From 1 May to End of AY2020

Following the authorities’ order to suspend all centre-based classes from 27 March, we swiftly activated our Total Learning Support and Continuity Plan so that we can continue to support the learning of our students. The transition wasn’t easy though as online teaching and learning arrangement posed many challenges.

We wish that we can resume regular classes as quickly as possible. However, looking at the increasing Covid19 cases in Singapore and all over the world, we may have to accept that it would take some time before centre-based classes may be allowed to operate.

With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive programme called LiveOnline@Edufront which would enable us to support our students’ education needs in preparation for the End of Year and National Exams such as the PSLE, O-Levels and the N-Levels. We are very thankful for the valuable feedback from parents and students which have enabled us to make continuous enhancements to the quality of our online programmes and services.: Parents’ Letter – LiveOnline@Edufront

  • More Live Online Lessons Schedule and Recorded Lessons for Unlimited Recap

We have been able to double the frequency of our live online lessons and gotten more tutors onboard. Please refer to Annex A, for the new live online lesson schedule which will take effect from 1 May onwards. Parents will need to re-register for the preferred slots by clicking the link below:

Invitation links to the live online lessons will be made available to registered students via our Learning Management System (LMS). All live lessons are recorded and uploaded onto our LMS for unlimited lesson recap. If your child is not able to attend any of the available live online lessons slots, you may opt to have access to only the recorded lessons at 20% off regular tuition fees. 

  • Enhanced Student Learning Powered by Learning Management System (LMS)

We have recently engaged Wizlearn Technologies (, a leading e-learning solutions company in Singapore, to provide us with a Learning Management System (LMS). From May onwards, all our students would be given access to the LMS.

Key features of the LMS includes:

  • exclusive access to learning materials and resources
  • better organisation and management of learning resources
  • homework submission and tracking
  • discussion forums
  • mobile responsive LMS
  • ability to create interactive quizzes and assessments
  • After Class Support

In addition to the weekly live online lessons, students will be able to access the recorded lessons via our LMS for unlimited lesson recap at their own pace and at any time of the day.

We will also be providing a daily homework support helpline for our students via the forum discussion feature in the LMS. 

Outside the Circuit Breaker period, we will continue to provide monthly printing and home delivery of materials.

  • Lower Fee Structure but Better Value

Despite the huge investment in web-conferencing tools and Learning Management System (LMS) to support our LiveOnline@Edufront programmes, we are able to significantly lower our monthly fee structure. In addition, parents who continue to support us and believe in our programmes can look forward to the following:

  • Multiple subject discounts (up to 20% off monthly fees)
  • $50 off fees in April and in the last month of the academic year (either Sep or Oct)
  • 2 x $50 holiday workshop discount vouchers per registered programme
  • Priority Re-registration for Current Students

We would like to invite our parents to re-register for the preferred live online lessons slots by clicking the link below. You may also choose to Add On new programmes or Drop existing ones via the same form. The new schedule will take effect from 1 May until the end of AY2020.

For Primary Programmes click HERE

For Secondary Programmes click HERE

Kindly complete the re-registration by 22 April so that we will have enough time to process and issue the userID and password for the LMS.

We would like to thank parents for your support. For suggestions, feedback and enquiries, you may get in touch with me directly or with our respective Centre Coordinators ( during our regular opening hours.

Warmest regards,

Yang Iskandar (Mr)


Edufront Learning Centre

Annex A

Live Online Lesson Schedule @ Edufront (From 1 May onwards)

MondayMonday5.30pm – 7pmP6 Maths
Monday5.30pm – 7pmP3 Maths
Monday5.30pm – 7pmP1 Maths
Monday8pm – 9.30pmP6 Science
Monday8pm – 9.30pmP3 Science
Monday8pm – 9.30pmS1/2 English
TuesdayTuesday5.30pm – 7pmP5 Science
Tuesday5.30pm – 7pmP6 Maths
Tuesday5.30pm – 7pmS1/2 Malay
Tuesday8pm – 9.30pmP5 Maths/P6 Maths Booster
Tuesday8pm – 9.30pmP6 Science
Tuesday8pm – 9.30pmS3/4 English
ThursdayThursday5.30pm – 7pmS1 Maths
Thursday5.30pm – 7pmS2 Science
Thursday5.30pm – 7pmS3 E. Maths
Thursday8pm – 9.30pmS1 Science
Thursday8pm – 9.30pmS2 Maths
Thursday8pm – 9.30pmS4 E. Maths
FridayFriday5.30pm – 7pmP6 Malay
Friday5.30pm – 7pmP4 Maths
Friday5.30pm – 7pmP3 Malay
Friday8pm – 9.30pmS3/4 Malay
Friday8pm – 9.30pmP4 Science
Friday8pm – 9.30pmP2 Malay
SaturdaySaturday9am-10.30amP5 Maths/P6 Maths Booster
Saturday9am-10.30amP3 Maths
Saturday9am-10.30amP2 Maths
Saturday10.30am-12pmP6 English
Saturday10.30am-12pmP5 Science
Saturday10.30am-12pmP3 Science
Saturday12pm-1.30pmP6 Malay
Saturday12pm-1.30pmP4 Malay
Saturday12pm-1.30pmP2 Malay
Saturday1.30pm-3pmP5 Malay/P6 Malay Booster
Saturday1.30pm-3pmS1/2 Malay
Saturday1.30pm-3pmS3 Chemistry
Saturday3pm-4.30pmP6 Maths
Saturday3pm-4.30pmP1 Maths
Saturday3pm-4.30pmKG Malay
Saturday4.30pm-6pmP6 Science
Saturday4.30pm-6pmP5 English
Saturday4.30pm-6pmP4 English
Saturday6pm-7.30pmS3 E. Maths
Saturday6pm-7.30pmS4 E. Maths
Saturday6pm-7.30pmS1/2 English
SundaySunday9am-10.30amP6 Maths
Sunday9am-10.30amP4 Maths
Sunday9am-10.30amP6 Maths Foundation
Sunday10.30am-12pmP6 Science
Sunday10.30am-12pmP4 Science
Sunday10.30am-12pmP1 Malay
Sunday12pm-1.30pmP6 Malay
Sunday12pm-1.30pmP3 Malay
Sunday12pm-1.30pmS3/4 Malay
Sunday1.30pm-3pmP6 English
Sunday1.30pm-3pmP5 Malay/P6 Malay Booster
Sunday1.30pm-3pmP3 English
Sunday3pm-4.30pmP5 Maths/P6 Maths Booster
Sunday3pm-4.30pmP4 Malay
Sunday3pm-4.30pmS4 Chemistry
Sunday4.30pm-6pmS1 Maths
Sunday4.30pm-6pmS2 Science
Sunday4.30pm-6pmS3 Physics
Sunday6pm-7.30pmS1 Science
Sunday6pm-7.30pmS2 Maths
Sunday6pm-7.30pmS4 Physics
  • Invitation link will be available to registered students via our LMS
  • As this is a web-based platform, you would only need a computer with internet connection and speaker to participate. No downloading of software is needed. 
  • All live lessons will be recorded and the link to the videos will be uploaded on our LMS.

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